Dr. Torr

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SDKLAB Doctor Torr

Household use/shower use

Dr. Torr is a water purification device using ceramic balls made of tourmaline as the main raw material. It uses anions and cations generated by decomposing water to purify water, remove rust, and create minerals.


Dr. Torr H

for home use

Dr. Tour H is a water filtering that manages overall water quality in the home. It removes rust from water pipes, purifies water, and supplies minerals to produce not only clean water but also delicious water.

Coming Soon

preparing for release

We will come back with a good product.

Dr. Torr S

For shower devices

Dr. Tour S is a filter device attached to shower heads and faucets. Through active functional water that has passed through the filter, it is effective not only for cleansing, sterilization and deodorization, but also for skin care and hair health..